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Voice Lessons

Take command of your voice! Learn how to sing with the same technique used by more than 300 of the most recognized artists in the recording and entertainment industry over the past 20 years! We offer private singing lessons to ages 10 & up and all vocal styles. Whether you're looking to increase your range and power, build stamina, or eliminate vocal disorders, "Sing With The Ease Of Speech™" can give you the confidence you need to sing freely.

Performance Coaching

A large part of being a performer is telling a story, being animated, using movement and connecting with your audience! A performer must capture the attention, and involve the audience, not only with their voice, but with their energy, focus, connection to the song, personality, and physical being. Our performance coaching will help you build stage presence, overcome stage fright/anxiety and give you the confidence needed to give a dynamic performance.

Industry Resources

Our relationships with managers, agents, recording studios, choreographers, performance coaches, music producers, social media marketing experts, performance venues, and A & R departments can help you take your career to the next level.We offer showcases and opportunities to perform in front of a live audience of peers and other industry professionals throughout the year.

Private Lessons

Private one-on-one voice lessons that allow you to receive personalized instruction in one of our studio locations, Dallas, Houston or via Skype.

Group Lessons

Classes are conducted in an informative cirriculum that allows everyone to participate and learn about the music industry.

Take Their Word For It

Thousand of students choose Tom McKinney for their vocal needs.

"If you're looking for the very best then you need to surround yourself with the very best. Start with vocal coach Tom McKinney."

Matthew Knowles

Father of Beyonce and Solange Knowles
"If you're looking for the very best then you need to surround yourself with the very best. Start with vocal coach Tom McKinney."
Will Makar

Will Makar

of Will Makar & The Red Line
"On Season 5 of American Idol Tom helped me through so much of the process. He will help you you sing in a healthy way."
Scott Hoying

Scott Hoying

of Pentatonics, Winner of NBC's "The Sing-Off"
"He helped me get through puberty when my voice dramatically changed. Without Tom I would not have the voice I have today."
Brett Manning

Brett Manning

Renowned Vocal Coach & Friend
"If you want good, positive change that doesn’t affect your artisty & sound but simply unleashes it. Tom McKinney is your man."

Success Stories

If you're considering a career as a singer, this is the place to start!

Tom has utilized the "Sing With The Ease Of Speech Technique" with many award winning singers including Mario, Demi Lovato, Ray J, Solange, American Idol, XFactor and The Voice finalists. Tom also serves as the New Talent Development Vocal Technique Instructor for Beyonce and Mathew Knowles’ recording and publishing company, Music World, in Houston.