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Poll: What is the most problematic issue with your voice you experience as a singer?

Do a search on vocal disorders and you’ll quickly find that even today’s most established artists experience issues with their voice. From Adele to John Mayer to Nicki Minaj, many chart topping artists go through the same problems.

The “Need To” Practice Vocal Exercises Before You Sing

I compare the need to exercise the voice before singing to any other act that requires some degree of physical exertion. The voice is a set of muscles and those muscles must be exercised, stretched and strengthened by the use

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Does Your Kid Have the “It” Factor

Over the 40 plus years of my experiences as a professional actor, singer, producer, I have had countless numbers of parents come to me and say, “We feel our child has talent, but we don’t know what to do to

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My Experience as a Singer from Classic Christian to Country to Opera to Pop

In previous blogs I have been somewhat critical of classically trained singers trying to perform the pop genres. In those pop genres (non classical) I include country (old and crossover), pop ie: Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavato, the young Britney Spears,

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Choosing the Right Voice Teacher

The quickest and most sure way to tell if a voice teacher knows what she or he is doing vocally is ask them to demonstrate how to get through the “break” or into the mix of head and chest voice. Then ask them to explain the process in simple, usable terms, so you, the student, can then apply to your own voice.

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Breathing Support for Singers

Breath is the gasoline for your voice. Without it, nothing moves. I can’t count the times I have asked singers to take a deep breath and sing a phrase only to have them raise their shoulders near their ears and

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The Basics of Good Singing

Is there more than one method of voice teaching? Unfortunately yes. The vast majority of the students seeking my help for their singing voice have their heads filled with bad information and this wrong approach has to be removed from

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No one will ever learn to sing from a book, or a blog!!

No one will ever learn to sing from a book, or a blog. You need the trained, objective ear of a vocal technique’s instructor to help you find the best path for your vocal production, no matter the genre. Good,

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